Fontainebleau owner injured in helicopter crash in the yard Millionaires – CBS Miami

Fontainebleau owner injured in helicopter crash in the yard Millionaires – CBS Miami
MIAMI – March 14: Jeffery Soffer attends the Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Art For Life of Fontainebleau Hilton March 14, 2009 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images for Rush Philanthropic Arts) Tags Filed underNoticias local relacionadosBaker Bay, Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, helicopter crash, Fontainebleau, Great Guana Cay, helicopter crash, Hotel, Jeffery Soffer, North Abaco, Renardo CurryCelebrity FotosFamosos Galleries judíosFamosos GayCheating HeartsHermanos famososAdelgazado CelebridadesObtenga respuestasMi name is Kevin Hernandez lost my house for the 2008-2009 year that chance you have of getting beneficiosIR the County and tell them that you want to pay less 50.00 dollars a year in taxes INDUSTRIAL this land is 4 .. FOLIO # 35-3017-009-0020, 35-3017-008-0020, 35-3017-008 – 0010, 35-3017-009-0010Al, could you explain what is happening with Wells Fargo? . If I bought a house with the money I inherited from my family, and I got married and my husband does not make any money at all to such purchase, also belongs to him? What in the event of divorce ECigyjCswOVeOHaz one preguntaNASSAU, Bahamas (CBSMiami / AP) – Jeffrey Soffer, Fontainebleau Hotel owner, was one of four survivors in a helicopter crash in deadly Bahamas.Soffer is director Turnberry Associates. The company owns shopping malls and residences in South Florida, including Aventura Mall and the famous hotel Miami.El accident occurred Thursday morning in Baker Bay Golf & Ocean Club, a luxury resort in Great Guana Cay, according to Curry Abaco North American Parliamentary Renardo.Un died and three others were injured in an accident on the playground of millionaires, which is located about 150 kilometers off the east coast of Florida.Según former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, the wounds not appear to be life threatening. However, a television manager said he could confirm two were in Nassau crítico.Curry been told that the helicopter was trying to land at Baker Bay when a gust of wind sent the plan espiral.La Police have not released the identity passengers or other details accidente.The Associated Press contributed material for this report.